Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

(R2/723/6/0155)10/27 (MQA/FA9369)

UTAR Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree programme aims to equip students with a strong foundation in the principles, theories and practices of modern nursing. This programme provides tertiary education that creates graduates who are strongly knowledge-based with the ability to think critically, perform competently in relevant skills, adapt and innovate to challenges and opportunities in the nursing profession. Upon successful completion of programme, graduates would be registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board

Programme Overview

Duration: 4 years (full-time) 

Total credit hour: 135

Programme Educational Outcomes
  1. Equip graduates with knowledge and requisite clinical skills to function as a competent state registered nurse.
    2.Train graduates with effective communication skills, social responsibilities, leadership qualities and teamwork
    3. Produce graduates who can critically think and solve problems ethically through sustainable approach
    4. Equip graduates with entrepreneurship knowledge and instill life-long learning for successful professional development

Programme Learning Outcomes 

      1. Relate knowledge of basic sciences and nursing fundamental to nursing practice.

      2. Demonstrate appropriate nursing skills.

      3. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork and social responsibility

      4. Demonstrate professionalism, ethics and humanity in line with the nurse’s code of Conduct.

      5. Communicate effectively with clients, other professionals and community.

      6. Identify, formulate and provide effective nursing care using evidence based practice.

      7. Recognize the need for and to engage in life-long learning and professional development

      8. Self-motivate and enhance entrepreneurship skills for career development.

Clinical Posting

Students will be posted to wards in hospitals and community clinics to gain their clinical practice experiences. Areas of posting:

        Hospital Kuala Lumpur

        Klinik Kesihatan Botanik, Klang

        Klinik Kesihatan Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

        Klinik Kesihatan Batu 9, Cheras

        Sunway Medical Centre

Trimester/ Year

Trimester 1


Trimester 2


Trimester 3


Year 1

Anatomy and Physiology I

Introduction to Psychology and Sociology

Communication and Counselling

Bahasa Kebangsaan (A) or Bahasa Kebangsaan (B) or Communicative Tamil for Health Sciences or  Introduction to Chinese Language I

Hubungan Etnik or Malaysian Studies

Sun Zi's Art of War and Bussiness Strategies

Anatomy & Physiology II

Principles and Practice in Nursing

Nursing Skills and Practice I 

Introduction to Pharmacology in Nursing

Basic Genetics and Biochemistry

Integrated Nursing Sciences I 

Nursing Skills and Practice II

CP : Medical Nursing I  

Year 2

Integrated Nursing Sciences II

Integrated Nursing Sciences III

General Pathology

Nursing Skills and Practice III

CP : Surgical Nursing I

Legal,Ethical and Professional Issues

CP : Medical Nursing II

Integrated Nursing Sciences IV

Obstetrics and Paediatric Nursing

Nursing Skills and Practice IV

CP : Obstetrics and Paediatrics

CP : Surgical Nursing II

 Nursing Informatics

Year 3

Mental Health Nursing

Integrated Nursing Sciences V

Nursing Skills and Practice V

CP : Mental Health and Neurology Nursing

CP : Surgical Nursing III      

Introduction to Epidemiology

Introduction to Biostatistics

Community Project

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) or

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2

Communication Law or Marketing Communication

Research Appreciation,Process and Methodology

Elective in Nursing

Year 4

Nursing Management and Leadership

Community Health Nursing and Communicable Diseases

CP : Community Health Nursing

CP : Ward Management  

Integrated Nursing Sciences VI

CP : Medical Nursing III

CP : Medical and Surgical Nursing